Joseph Engle


On May 11, 2013, at The Frequency in Madison, Wisconsin, I lost my hearing. It began with a blistering punk/hardcore set by Galactic Cannibal with lot’s of ridiculous banter, bodily fluids and writhing on the floor.

Up next, No Joy tried to lull everyone into a doom-ridden shoegazey calmness… Which could be seen as an energy killer after Galactic Cannibal, but I’d rather view it as the calm when the eye of a hurricane is passing overhead.

After No Joy, METZ set up and began what I would learn was a category 5 ear assault in the matter of seconds. The house lights dropped and a few bright spots came on behind the bass and guitar to only light up the drummer. Awesome effect for the average fan… Not so great for the photographer covering the show as a job. So, having forgotten my flash, the on-board had to pop-up and get an ill-fitting diffuser to balance over it while dodging the off balance indie kids flying from the pit.

I hope you enjoy the photos and please, if you see me out and about, let me know if my ears are still bleeding.